Czech language courses for foreigners

Czech for Foreigners

Intensive language and specialised training course

The course is intended for those interested in studying at the Technical University of Liberec (TUL), whose mother tongue is one of the Slavic languages and have completed secondary education with a school-leaving examination. The course is suitable mostly for those who want to study at TUL at:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor's degree programme:

B0715A270008: Mechanical engineering (video)

Follow-up Master's degree programmes:

N0716A270006 Automotive Engineering

N0715A270020 Applied Mechanics.

N0788A270004 Innovation and Industrial Engineering.

N0715A270019 Machines and Equipment Design.

N0715A270015 Technologies and Materials.

N0722A270001 Plastics and Composites Technology

Faculty of Mechatronics, Informatics and Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor's degree programme:

B0613A140005 Information technology (video)

Faculty of Textile engineering

Bachelor's degree programme:

B0723A270003 Production of Clothing and Technical Products (video)

Faculty of Economics

Bachelor's degree programme:


Faculty of Health Studies

Bachelor's degree programme:

B0914Р360007 Biomedical Technology

Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education


The goal of the intensive one-year Czech course is to acquire knowledge of the Czech language in preparation for studying at a university in Czech language. Completing a preparatory course in Czech and an additional course in mathematics, physics or IT increases the chances of applicant too successfully pass the entrance exam at TUL.

The flier is available here: Czech language for foreigners

Basic course information

  • The course includes 750 hours of Czech language and 130 hours of specialized training
  • A maximum of 15 people can participate in one lesson
  • In the event of an unfavorable development of the situation connected with the spread of Covid-19, lessons may be temporarily replaced by an online form
  • Lectures are provided by qualified teachers from TUL

Illustrational video in Russian language is available here:

Academic year 2023/2024

Winter semester: 11. 9. 2023 – 26. 1. 2024

  • 22 hours of Czech language/week
  • 2 hours/week of mathematics and 2 hours/week of English (preparation for nostrification exam)
  • the preparation for nostrification exam in other subjects (chemistry, biology, etc.) is not included in the course price
  • the semester is completed by a semester examination (level B1)

Summer semester: 1. 2. 2024 – 26. 5. 2024

  • 22 hours of Czech language/week (including specialized terminology)
  • 2 hours/week of optional specialized subject (IT, Physics or English)
  • 2 hours/week of mathematics
  • the semester is completed by a final examination (level B2)
  • after successful completion of the course, graduates will receive a certificate

The Czech classes are focused on the acquisition of speech skills – reading, writing, speaking, listening and comprehension. Students also develop their communication skills (vocabulary, phraseology), which allow them to react in everyday situations. In the first 14 days, intensive teaching is mainly focused on pronunciation, basic phrases and basic concepts from specialized terminology. Content: Czech life and institutions, Phonetics, Specialized terminology - physics, mathematics, IT

Specialized subjects lecture follows the completion of the first 14 days of intensive language classes.

Other services provided to course learners:

  • Accommodation: we offer accommodation in Harcov dormitories. Our dormitories have won the poll for the best dormitories in the Czech Republic three times.
  • Preparation for nostrification: in addition to intensive Czech language course, we offer students preparation for nostrification examinations, including translations of documents from Russian into Czech. The price is not included in the price of the course, interested parties pay the amount separately. We also provide communication with the Regional Office.
  • Applications at TUL: we help students to fill in the application form for individual TUL faculties.
  • English language course for those interested – preparation for entrance exams (not included in the course price)
  • Possibility of free visits to selected lectures for 1st year students at individual faculties
  • Doctor at the place of accommodation
  • Curator: with orientation at the university and in the city and with solving everyday problems, a student with knowledge of the Russian language will help you.
  • Organizer: helps with the resolution of official matters
  • Lecturers: in addition to the teaching itself, they also ensure communication with parents (grades, attendance)

Advantages of studying in Liberec

  • Affordable accommodation and meals (announced as dormitories of the year – accommodation from 183 EUR/month)
  • Study in the pleasant environment of a mountain town
  • Easy to reach Prague (45-minute car ride)
  • Family atmosphere
  • Extracurricular activities, sports events, trips to the surroundings
  • Various sports activities (bike, ski, hiking...)
  • Classrooms are located right in the center of Liberec
  • Quick adaptation to the university environment
  • The low number of foreigners in the city → faster acquisition of the Czech language



Contact person of CDV TUL: Lilija Schindlerová,

Nabídka kurzů

Semestr LS 2023/2024

Course name Beginning on Capacity / availability Enrolment until Price
Letní škola češtiny 2024 03.06.2024 30 / 9 24.05.2024 Free Registartion starts at 24.05.2024 15:00:00
Exam - Czech language for foreigners B2 17.06.2024 5 / 5 09.06.2024 1 000,00 Kč Apply for course
Exam - Czech language for foreigners B2 17.06.2024 5 / 3 09.06.2024 2 500,00 Kč Apply for course

Semestr ZS 2024/2025

Course name Beginning on Capacity / availability Enrolment until Price
Intenzivní kurz jazykové a odborné přípravy (IKJOP)-VTG Study 16.09.2024 15 / 0 16.08.2024 Apply for course