Special education

Study in the field of educational sciences with a focus on special education

Study characteristics

The program is intended for university graduates with pedagogical education who work in special facilities or schools, primary or secondary schools and want or need to supplement their qualification in the field of special education. The study is designed according to § 7 par. 2 let. c) and § 8 par. 2 let. d) and § 9 par. 7 let. a) point 2 of Act No. 563/2004 Coll., on pedagogical staff and pursuant to § 2 of Decree No. 317/2005 Coll. The certificate will be issued in accordance with Section 60 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions and is accredited under No. MSMT-26097 / 2019-2-934.

The aim of the course is to obtain a professional qualification for the education of pupils with special educational needs, focused mainly on psychopedia and etopedy, in schools and facilities with special education and with a focus on integrative special education.

Study organization

The study is organized by a combination of distance and full-time forms of study. The total scope of study for four semesters is 250 teaching hours.

Admission to study

The condition of admission to study is academical education in the field of educational sciences. Experiences make an advantage. The Rector of the Technical University in Liberec decides on admission on the basis of the recommendation of a professional guarantor.

Price of the study: The admission fee is 500 CZK and is paid after the decision that the study will be opened in the relevant academic year. The price for the study does not currently exceed CZK 5,625 per semester.

Deadline for applications: July 31. You can log in electronically at https://www.cdv.tul.cz/dalsi-vzdelavani-pedagogickych-pracovniku/. Select the appropriate course in the table and click online registration.

Contact person: Mgr. Šárka Doubravová, tel. 734 518 402, sarka.doubravova@tul.cz.


The study is completed by a commission final exam, which has two parts:

  1. Final thesis defense,
  2. Final exam in special and integrative pedagogy, special pedagogy focused on working with the mentally handicapped.