Studies for educational counselors

Study characteristics

Study for educational counselors is intended for educational counselors at the 2nd level of primary schools and at secondary schools, it is also recommended for educational workers who are preparing for this activity. The course is organized according to §8 of Decree No. 317/2005 and in accordance with §24 paragraph 2 of Act No. 563/2004 and is accredited under File no. MSMT-25793/2023-5-517.

Study organization

The study is designed in the form of distance, full-time and their combinations. Part of the distance learning support are electronic study materials processed in the Moodle learning environment. Full-time teaching takes place on weekends.

Admission to study

The condition for admission to the study is a university pedagogical education and at least 2 years of experience in education. The Rector of the Technical University in Liberec decides on admission on the basis of the recommendation of the professional guarantor of the study.

Price of the study: The admission fee is 600 CZK and is paid after the decision that the study will be opened in the relevant academic year. The price for the study does not currently exceed CZK 7,200 per semester.

Deadline for applications: July 31. You can log in electronically at Select the appropriate course in the table and click on online registration.

Contact person: Mgr. Šárka Doubravová, tel. 734 518 402,

Study plan

The total scope of study for four semesters is 253 hours of full-time teaching, including internships and practical subjects, spread over 4 semesters. Three hours above the prescribed hourly allowance are devoted to the seminar for the final work.

The study is divided into 12 prescribed modules:

  1. Development of consulting systems
  2. Counseling services in school conditions and their classification
  3. Personality of an educational counselor
  4. Communication with parents
  5. School class, its management and diagnostics
  6. Legal framework for consulting services
  7. Basic skills of counseling communication
  8. Integration of pupils with special educational needs
  9. Pupil in the context of educational counselor services
  10. Basic diagnostic methods and intervention techniques
  11. Career counseling
  12. Monitoring, evaluation and self-evaluation of educational counseling Graduation


The study is completed by a commission final exam, which has two parts:

1. Final thesis defense

2. Expert discussion of three basic modules.